What About me?

My name is Andrew and I have been behind a camera since 2004 and no I’m not a model, but thank you. My main inspiration comes from the world around me, and my goal for each photo I take is to showcase the awesomeness of every single thing around us, now matter how obsolete it may seem. I enjoy photographing and working closely with people, but my main passion is being out on my own, photographing a big city or a little town or an awesome mountain range or some old castle, but honestly the coolest part of it all is that pretty much anywhere you go there is a great picture to be had. Photography in a way taught me a lot about the uniqueness of this planet we hang out on, there is always something to be discovered out there and it is constantly in a state of change so you can never get the same shot twice nor live the same moment twice, so be open and observant of change for it is as inevitable as the next second. My skill level is constantly changing. (even sometimes for the worse) But, with every different technique I adopt and try to blend them with others to create a great mix of technical learns and creative composition. So far I’ve learned that not everything is photo worthy, but should always be appreciated as it is. I hope that you enjoy my photography as much as I have enjoyed making it, please leave any and all feed back, as it helps me grow and find out what my audience likes in my work so I can go out and bring more of it back for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks for the support,

-Gerald Andrew Uvari
.Uvari Photography.

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